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If you are building, designing or decorating a yacht interior, we will work closely with you to furnish the veneers and hardwoods for your project. We will secure samples and assemble a package that meets your design requirements. Our insight and experience as yacht carpenters and builders can aid in the flow from design concept to finished interior, and help you make the right choices.
Maritime Wood Products offers architectural veneers of the very finest quality and workmanship. We provide veneer flitch samples for your approval before you order. Custom veneers are then made from the actual flitch you select and are delivered sequence matched and numbered on your choice of backings. We can also match hardwoods to the veneer, adding consistency to the entire project, eliminating guesswork and surprises.

Pictured opposite is a veneer comparison tool with a selection of different veneers, representing a small portion of the many wood species and grain patterns sourced by Maritime Wood Products. Finding the rare and exotic is our specialty.
We produce custom veneers on the following backings: 10 mil paper back, 20 mil paper back, 2-ply flexible wood back, 3-ply flexible wood back, plywood and composite panels. If desired, we can produce sequenced and matched veneers on any combination of these backings to provide a consistent appearance for both flat and curved surface work.

When specifying veneer backings, our 2-ply flexible wood back has several advantages. It can bend around a radius and other complex shapes. It is easier to handle and more robust than paper-backed veneer. The wood back helps prevent installation solvent from bleeding through the veneer, and minor surface imperfections on the substrate from printing through.

Our standard size veneers are 4' x 8' with grain running the 8' length. Grain running in the 4' direction is available subject to a 5 sheet minimum order. Oversize veneers up to 5' x 12' can also be supplied.

The most common veneer grain patterns are flat cut which yields figured grain, and quarter cut which yields straight grain. Depending upon the wood species, additional grain patterns such as bird's-eye, burly, curly, and quilted may be possible.

For further information about veneers, please call us.

Custom interiors demand attention when matching veneers to hardwoods. We supply both to you, relieving you of the time and material waste attributable to poor color and grain matches.

Over the years, Maritime Wood Products has sought out and developed hardwood lumber sources meeting the highest quality standards. If you are seeking a reliable supplier of finest quality hardwoods, call us to inquire about our capabilities. We are accustomed to satisfying the discriminating requirements of the finest yacht builders. Minimum quantities apply.

We provide a full range of custom milling services, including re-sawing lumber up to 17" wide, ripping, and planning S2S, S3S and S4S. We sell lumber in the rough or milled to your specifications. When ordering rough lumber, allow additional width and thickness for milling.

Natural Selection
Wood is beautiful, yet naturally varied in grain and color. MARITIME’s controlled selection process matches these natural variations to meet your specific design vision.