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Custom Teak Decks
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Maritime Wood Products is a leading manufacturer of custom teak decks for yachts. Beautiful and efficient, MARITIME Teak Decks set the standard for superb craftsmanship and uncompromising quality. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.
<h2>Custom Teak Decks</h2>

MARITIME Custom Teak Decks are made from patterns for each individual yacht.

  • Deck sections are made up to 40 feet long.
  • Planking can be straight-laid, or sprung to shape.
  • We provide for king planks, margin boards, hatches and other deck fixtures.
  • Decks of any width can be made by joining sections at caulk seams.
  • The completed custom deck is delivered to your facility pre-assembled, pre-trimmed, and ready for final fitting and installation.

Maritime Wood Products consistently delivers the finest and most well thought-out deck systems. Contact us to learn more about our services.

<h2>Teak Deck Panels</h2>
MARITIME Teak Deck Panels are manufactured in rectangular sections to your bulk size specifications, and sanded to a uniform thickness. You provide the cutting and fitting at your facility, and the panels are then ready for installation. If you have skilled carpenters available, MARITIME Teak Deck Panels are a cost saving alternative to a MARITIME Custom Teak Deck.
<h2>Custom Teak Deck Kits for Production Builders</h2>

We work closely with production boat builders to provide everything needed for the successful installation of our products. We can visit your facility and help design, engineer and pattern a custom fit deck for your application. We work within your production schedule and are responsive to time-sensitive orders and changes.

MARITIME™ Teak Deck Kits come pre-caulked and ready for installation. Maritime Wood Products supports Just In Time (JIT) inventory and delivers decking systems that improve manufacturing efficiency and quality. Contact us for more information.

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<h2>Custom Teak Deck Solutions</h2>
The planking we use in our Custom Teak Decks and Teak Deck Panels is precision milled from the finest Burma Teak logs. We select the lumber and planking for each project individually to achieve the most consistent and uniform appearance. All of our decking is 100% vertical grain, which produces a surface of superior wearability. (Learn more about our Teak Selection Process.)

For caulking our decks, we use our own proprietary MARITIME™ Teak Deck Caulk. This special product has exceptional adhesion and durability, and a long history of trouble-free use in all climate conditions. MARITIME Teak Deck Caulk is also sold separately. (Learn more about MARITIME Teak Deck Caulk.)

Our controlled manufacturing environment provides ideal conditions for building teak decks, caulking, and sanding.
  • We fabricate our custom teak decks and teak deck panels either with or without a substrate (i.e. backing material), depending on application.
  • Seams are caulked to the full depth of the planking for the longest possible deck life, and the panels are then sanded to a uniform thickness.
  • Our standard plank width is 1-7/8". The caulk seam is 3/16" wide. Other widths are available upon request.
  • Our standard deck thicknesses are 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2". Other deck thicknesses are also available upon request.

MARITIME Custom Teak Decks and Teak Deck Panels eliminate the need to tediously hand lay a deck plank by plank. They represent a major savings in on-site skilled labor hours and fabrication materials waste. And they speed up installation for both new construction and refits, freeing valuable space and dramatically reducing the time a vessel is out of service.
<h2>Making Patterns for a Maritime Custom Teak Deck</h2>
To prepare a deck pattern that ensures your deck will be built as planned, please contact us to receive detailed deck pattern instructions.
<h2>Instructions for Installing a Maritime Custom Teak Deck</h2>
For More Information & Useful Installation Tips Please Call 800-274-TEAK.
<h2>Custom Teak Grates</h2>
We custom build teak grates to patterns or specifications for deck applications such as swim platforms, cockpit/helm stations and bow pulpits. We also sell notched and flat teak grating stock in 1" and custom thicknesses for builders fabricating their own teak grates.

Teak Deck Grating Photo

Fine Teak Decking
Attention to Detail
Our decking experts pre-plan all elements of your project, delivering the most functionally elegant and visually superb deck systems.

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